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Invited Speakers


foto Prof. Halina FALFUSHYNSKA Prof. Halina Falfushynska is a Ukrainian state-honored scientist and technology worker. She works in the field of experimental toxicology, biochemistry, and environmental sciences. She’s a vice-rector for Research and International Relations at Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University. She co-authored nearly 200 peer-review publications and developed 16 patents. In 2015, Prof. Falfushynska was awarded by the Fulbright Program and in 2017 and 2022 by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She directed 20 national and international research and education projects supported by DAAD, Erasmus, the National Research Foundation of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.. Prof. Falfushynska also serves as an editor for several journals published by Elsevier, Frontiers, and De Gruyter.

Krzysztof KUS

foto Krzysztof KUS, assistant professor Krzysztof Kus, assistant professor (dr hab. n. farm.) - Head of the Chair and Department of Pharmacoeconomics and Social Pharmacy – Poznan University of Medical Sciences. He deals with the practical application of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and medical databases (MBD) in open and inpatient treatment. His interests also include the economic aspects of medical services, the valuation and evaluation of innovative treatment methods, and the pharmacology of mental diseases - research on animal models. He defended his doctorate at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University of Poznań in 2000: Comparison of the influence of representative psychotropic, classic and new generation drugs on memory and other higher nervous functions in rats. He obtained the postdoctoral degree in pharmaceutical sciences in 2015 based on a scientific achievement (series of works) entitled "Mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and antidepressants as new generations of drugs used in the treatment of selected mental diseases." Most of the research was carried out on advanced animal models. The promoter of Academic Entrepreneurship on behalf of the Rector of Poznan University of Medical Sciences - searching for innovative projects for industry and the Medical University. Expert in the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020. Member of the Team of External Experts for Delphi Analyses of the National Program Foresight Poland 2020. From 2021, President of the Electors of the Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society. Author of over 140 publications and books and over 150 scientific reports on the animals (about half). Most research issues concern pharmacological effects, e.g., effects on memory, mood stabilizers, and schizophrenia (animal models). The other side of the investigation concerns pharmacoeconomic (e.g., costs, quality of life, clinical and cost-effectiveness and medical data bases). Total IF = 161.352 H-index = 17, Sum of Times Cited: 678.

Jaroslaw R. ROMANIUK

foto Jaroslaw R. ROMANIUK Jaroslaw R. Romaniuk, Ph.D., LISW-supv. LICDC, is a researcher and educator in the areas of neuroscience and social work. He has worked in the positions of therapist, manager, and developer of substance abuse treatment programs in hospitals and community organizations. Currently he is a lecturer at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
Faculty Web Page:

Krzysztof (Chris) SZYFTER

foto Krzysztof (Chris) SZYFTER Prof. Krzysztof (Chris) Szyfter is a molecular biologist working for the Institute of Human Genetics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and partly for Clinic of Otolaryngology, Poznań University of Medical Sciences.
Fields of research interest:
- molecular epidemiology (DNA damage and repair, mutagenicity, carcinogenesis, occupational exposure),
- biology and genetics of head and neck cancer (tobacco smoke carcinogens, polymorphism of genes involved in carcinogen activation, detoxication and DNA repair; identification of gene role in head and neck cancer risk and further progression),
- genetics of hearing loss,
Over 250 research publications (including: Carcinogenesis, Mutation Research, Human Mutation, Eur. Arch. Otorinolaryng., Oral Oncol., Free Radic. Res.) review papers and book chapters published. Served as guest editor of Mutation Res., Genetica Polonica and Biomolecules. Member of editorial board of Eur. Arch Otorhonolaryng. and Journal of Applied Genetics.
Research interships in Edinburgh (UK), Moscow (Soviet Union), Gatersleben (GDR), Leiden (The Netherlands), Budapest (Hungary), Helsinki (Finland) and Stockholm (Sweden).
Cofounder and head of Mutagenesis section of the Polish Society of Genetics. Past-president of the European Environmental Mutagen Society EEMS).

updated: 2023-01-27